Integrate Linux Mint 17.1 to Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Domain Controller

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Great tutorial… which, I think I have followed to a T… machine shows up in Active Directory… however, I can’t su as a user, I receive a “No passwd entry for user” error. I believe I’ve seen others have the same error in similar circumstances, and as of yet, I have not seen a solution posted for it.

    Just sharing my experience, hopefully someone has an explaination… and it helps others who run into the same issue!

  2. Andi says:

    It looks like the screenshot links went 404. Hope you can find another place to host them.

  3. Tom says:

    Can u update the screenshots pls. its a so detailed description, but without the screenshots its very hard. pls update it.

    best regards

  4. Juan Carlos says:

    Great Tutorial Pedro,
    I have a similar situation because I use LinuxMint 18.1 in the Windows Server 2012 Domain and I need to logon inside the domain in order to navigate mainly… we use a squidproxy with kerberos and I only can access to internet inside the domain. Some time ago I could connect without problem but since kerberos has very strict policy I can’t do it right now…
    My question, the steps are the same in LinuxMint 18.1 ? Any help will be welcome…

  5. Juan Carlos says:

    Why can’t I get the pictures???? at the end, and after I did all the steps … Can I log into the Windows Server domain the same way as in Windows?? for example \domain\user + password or I have to log user@domain

    The log in is after I enter my Mint session or in the main login screen?

    Sorry but I really need to know all about because it’s frustrating work in linux and browsing internet in windows….

  6. Juan Carlos says:

    Hello before all, I did all the steps in the article and after taht I can’t log in into the LinuxMint OS, !!! I think I did something wrong… BTW I’m not the domain administrator, just an user inside the network at work, and I think I use some definitions for administrators only… Fortunately I can enter the Windows partition and I know hoy to reinstall LinuxMint easely, but it’s a little frustrating thing all this effort for nothing… any other comment about???? Again, I can’t log into my Windows NT 2012 Server session using the LinuxMint partition, just for browsing because I can use perfectly email, pidgin and the rest of the resources… just in the Firefox the squidproxy ask me user and password without authenticate at all… that’s why I need to be fully integrated to the domain because kerberos doesn’t permit authentication outside the domain… very sad… jejeje

  7. PRav says:


    I have followed ALL STEPS CORRECTIVELY machine shows up in Active DirectorY BUT I can’t su as a user, I receive a “No passwd entry for user” error.

    AS NEW BYE sharing my experience, hopefully someone has an explanation… and it helps others who run into the same issue!


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