Laravel SMTP Setup

This guide provides a simple script to send out E-Mail using your smtp Account. You may refer the Laravel Mail documentation for more options. Also, please change the following variables in this guide: Sender Name:...


Multiple DB Connections in Laravel

A while ago, I needed to use laravel with 2 database connections. Here is how to run more than one database connection. Define Connections Inside of your datbase configuration file – likely app/config/database.php – you...


How to monitor your system performance on Linux

It’s really very tough job for every System or Network administrator to monitor and debug Linux System Performance problems every day. After being a Linux Administrator for 15 years in IT industry, I came to...


Build REST Resources with Laravel

In this part, we will begin to work with the REST interface. Creating a REST Api on Laravel isn’t very difficult. All we need to keep in mind is that we’re dealing with EmberJS...

Bacula - How To Install Bacula Backups + Postgresql on CentOS 5 0

Bacula PostgreSQL Plugin

Bacula PostgreSQL Plugin is a utility which support a backup and restore of PostgreSQLdatabase with Bacula network backup system. PGSQL-FD Plugin loads into a Bacula File Daemon using a Bacula Plugin API. It is...

highcharts.png 0

HighCharts Laravel 5

Laravel 5’s Blade templating engine is awesome. It can be used to directly inject PHP variables into a HTML5 template to display Eloquent ActiveRecord entities right away to the client. Besides this obvious intended...

How to Install Python 2.7.8 on CentOS/RHEL 6.6 0

How to Install Python 2.7.8 on CentOS/RHEL 6.6

Today, I was trying to install node.js on CentOS 6.6 which required Python 2.7, but there are Python 2.4 install which we cann’t remove as other application’s are already using it. This tutorial will...

Convert WAV to MP3 Ubuntu command-line 1

Convert WAV to MP3 Ubuntu command-line

First you’ll need lame; sudo apt-get install lame then navigate to your directory containing the wav file’s and execute; for f in *.wav; do lame -V 1 “$f” “${f%.wav}.mp3″; done Thats it !